Connect with agencies in South Saskatchewan for supportive programming.

Agency Name Address City PC Phone
Aboriginal Family Services 1102 Angus St Regina S4T 1Y5 306.525.4161
Addiction Services – RQHR 2110 Hamilton St Regina S4P 2E3 306.766.7800
Addiction Treatment Centre – RQHR 1640 Victoria Ave Regina S4P 0P7 306.766.6600
Allan Blakeney Adult Campus 4210 4th Avenue Regina S4T 0H6 306.523.3650
Alcoholics Anonymous 845 Broad St Regina S4R 8G9 306.545.9300
Autism Resource Centre 3663 Sherwood Dr Regina S4R 4A7 306.569.0858
Canadian Mental Health Association 2702 12th Ave Regina S4T 1J2 306.525.5601
Carmichael Outreach 2300 11th Ave Regina S4P 1W3 306.757.2235
Cathedral Village Arts Festival 2900 13th Ave Regina S4T 1N7 306.569.8744
Catholic Family Services 160 McIntosh St Regina S4R 4Z4 306.525.0521
Child & Youth Services 1680 Albert Street Regina S4P 2S6 306.766.6700
Civic Museum of Regina 1231 Broad Street Regina S4R 1Y2 306.780.9435
CNIB 2160 Broad St Regina S4P 1Y5 306.525.2571
Cognitive Disability Strategy 1920 Broad Street Regina S4P 3V6 306.787.3800
Computers for Schools 670 Cornwall Street Regina S4R 1J4 306.777.3435
Credit Counselling Society 1621 Albert St Suite 124A Regina S4P 2S5 306.525.6999
Diabetes Canada 917A Albert St Regina S4R 2P6 306.584.8445
Eastview Community Centre 615 6th Ave Regina S4N 0A9 306.525.4757
Ehrlo Sport Venture 2730 5th Ave Regina S4T 7S5 306.751.2411
Family Service Regina 1440 Broadway Ave. Regina S4P 1E2 306.757.6675
FASD Clinic 1106 Winnipeg St Regina S4R 1J6 306.543.7880 x268
Four Directions Community Health Centre 3510 5th Avenue Regina S4T 0M2 306.766.7540
Greystone Bereavement Centre 2H7, 2150 Scarth St #200 Regina S4P 2H6 306.523.2780
Ignite Adult Learning 103-1112 Winnipeg St Regina S4R 1J6 306.522.4493
Inclusion Regina 2216 Smith Street Regina S4P 2P4 306.790.5690
Indian Metis Christian Fellowship 3131 Dewdney Ave Regina S4T 0Y5 306.359.1096
John Howard Society 1801 Toronto Street Regina S4P 1M7 306.757.6657
Kids First Regina 1672 Albert St Regina S4P 2S6 306.766.6790
Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan 438 Victoria Ave E Regina S4N 0N7 306.352.5327
LiveWell Programs – RQHR Regina 306.766.7370
MacKenzie Art Gallery 3475 Albert St Regina S4S 6X6 306.584.4250
Mental Health Services – RQHR 2110 Hamilton St Regina S4P 2E3 306.766.7800
Munch Catering 3018 Doan Dr Regina S4V 1M1 306.502.5113
Narcotics Anonymous 1740 Lorne St Regina S4P 3M9 306.757.6600
Neil Squire Society 201-2206 Dewdney Ave Regina S4R 1H3 306.781.6023
North Central Community Association 3355 6th Ave Regina S4T 7V3 306.791.9888
Paper Crane Community Arts Centre 1221 Osler St #200 Regina S4R 1W4 306.751.2489
Partners in Employment (SaskAbilities) 2122 Broad Street Regina S4P 1Y5 306.522.2555
Phoenix Residential Society 2035 Osler Street Regina S4P 1W5 306.569.1977
Pine Lodge Treatment Centre 211 Otterloo St Indian Head S0G 2K0 306.695.2251
Planned Parenthood 1920B Francis St. Regina S4N 6B3 306.522.0902
Prairie Spirit Connection 809 Victoria Avenue Regina S4N 0R5 306.525.9682
Rainbow Youth Centre 977 McTavish Street Regina S4T 3V2 306.757.9743
Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry 2330 Victoria Ave Regina S4P 0S6 306.352.6386
Regina Food Bank 445 Winnipeg Street Regina S4R 8P2 306.791.6533
Regina Housing Authority 1850 Smith Street Regina S4P 2N3 306.525.2377
Regina Humane Society SK-6 & Armour Rd Regina S4P 3G7 306.543.6363
Regina Immigrant Women Centre 1801 Toronto St Regina S4P 1M7 306.359.6514
Regina Open Door Society 2332 11th Ave Regina S4P 0K1 306.352.3500
Regina Sexual Assault Centre 1830 MacKay St Regina S4N 6R4 306.522.2777
Regina Trades & Skills 1275 Albert St Regina S4R 2R4 306.337.0533
Regina Work Prep Centre 2022 Halifax St Regina S4P 1T7 306.757.9096
Re-Store – Habitat for Humanity 1740 Broder Street Regina S4N 2H7 306.522.9705
Salvation Army 2240 13th Ave Regina S4P 3M7 1.800.725.2769
Sask Deaf & Hard of Hearing 2343A Broad St Regina S4P 1Y9 306.352.3323
SaskAbilities 825 McDonald Street Regina S4N 2X5 306.569.9048
Saskatchewan Safety Council 445 Hoffer Dr Regina S4N 6E2 306.757.3197
SaskPolytech 4500 Wascana Pkwy Regina S4P 3A3 1.866.467.4278
Schizophrenia Society 2123 Broad Street Regina S4P 1Y6 306.584.2620
Souls Harbour Rescue Mission 3535 8th Avenue Regina S4T 0T6 306.543.0011
Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan 3928 Gordon Road Regina S4S 6Y3 306.584.0101
St. John Ambulance 2625 3rd Ave Regina S4T 0C8 306.522.7226
The Caring Place 2146 Robinson St Regina S4T 2P7 306.347.2273
U of R Online Therapy Unit 3737 Wascana Parkway Regina S4S 0A2 306.337.3331
YMCA 2400 13th Ave Regina S4P 0V9 306.757.9622
YWCA 1940 McIntyre St Regina S4P 2R3 306.525.2141