Welcome to South Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre (SSILC).

Founded in 1991, the South Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre (SSILC) is a consumer controlled, community based, cross disability agency that promotes the full citizenship of people with disabilities in our community. SSILC is an accredited member of Independent Living (IL) Canada, the national umbrella organization for 25 disability resource centres across Canada.

IL Philosophy

The Independent Living (IL) philosophy is central to SSILC’s work.  The IL philosophy is based on the right of people to live with dignity in their chosen community, participate in all aspects of life, and to control and make decisions

Core Programs

SSILC offers a number of programs to our consumers.  The IL philosophy underscores all of our programs.  Consumers will have access to information and networking  where they will receive clear, accurate and up to date information that meets their needs. 


Connect with agencies in South Saskatchewan for supportive programming.

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