About Us


SSILC’s Board of Directors and Management team share a vision that includes increased opportunities to raise public awareness of disability-related issues, and to further the goal of full inclusion for people with disabilities in every aspect of society. SSILC’s vision includes extending our geographic impact through increased activity in rural areas of Southern Saskatchewan, and extending our range by developing educational activities for elementary and secondary school students, increasing recreational and cultural activities, and increased involvement in community development.

SSILC Regina Staff

Shari Hildred
Executive Director 
Phone: 306 591 2212
Email: execdirector@ssilc.ca

Masudul Khan
Director of Operation 
Phone: 306 201 7794
Email: masudul@ssilc.ca

Joanne Grant
Finance Control Manager
Phone: 306 520 2129
Email: joanne@ssilc.ca

Jeannette McConnell
Finance/HR Coordinator 
Phone: 306 757 7452
Email: jeannette@ssilc.ca

Brenda Ell
Manager, Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP)
Phone: 639-382-0731
Email: brenda@ssilc.ca 

Nancy Myslick
Business Advisor, Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP)
Phone: 306-535-7778
Email: nancy@ssilc.ca

Alex Mohrbutter
Manager, Supported Independent Living Program (SILP)
Phone: 306 526 5088
Email: alex@ssilc.ca

Holly Flaman
Employment Facilitator
Phone: 306 533 7202
Email: holly@ssilc.ca

Meghan Hildred
Employment Facilitator, ES 
Phone: 306 501 5322

Email: meghan@ssilc.ca 

Paige Howard
Business of Living, and ES Facilitator  
Phone: 306 216 9212
Email: paige@ssilc.ca

Lori Sutherland
Employment Facilitator 
Phone: 306 533 7103
Email: lori@ssilc.ca

Jennifer Thomas
Support Worker, SILP 
Phone: 306 552 8137
Email: jenn@ssilc.ca

Keely Rousseau
Support Worker, SILP 
Email: keely@ssilc.ca

Kristin Hudy
Support Worker, SILP 
Email: kristin@ssilc.ca

Terri Lynn Morgan
Administrative Coordinator

Uy Do
Network Administrator 
Phone: 306 530 2861
Email: uydo@ssilc.ca