Claudine’s Story

Claudine worked with us on the following Employability Dimensions: Career Decision Making, Work-Job Readiness, Skill Enhancement, Work-Job Search, and Work-Job Maintenance. We completed intake including the ICT registration form. We engaged in on-going development of her SMART action plan. Claudine assessed her skills and strengths. We identified the impact of disability on employment, identified barriers to employment, and worked on a plan to address them. She set her employment goals and we worked towards them. Claudine worked with us on her resume, cover letter, and references. Claudine maintained engagement during COVID-19 and when she felt safe to do so began to search for a job. Claudine had s couple of interviews but was not hired. We got approval for and registered her in the Personal Care Worker course on Nov 21 & 22 at St. John Ambulance, which she successfully completed. Claudine completed the virtual SSILC Self-Management During Covid class. Claudine completed the St. John Ambulance First Aid course. We referred Claudine to the Neil Squire Remote Computer Comfort class which included one-to-one computer instruction and a laptop that she could keep. Claudine also completed their webinars. Neil Squire also offered a program with Wage Subsidy Placements, so we registered Claudine in that program. We agreed that Neil Squire would work on the employment piece, and we would work with her on the pre-employment piece. Claudine got a Wage Subsidy Placement through the Neil Squire program. She worked at the Atlas Hotel in the position of Room Attendant. Claudine moved to British Columbia and keeps us updated. She has been working ever since.