The Supported Independent Living Program (SILP)

  • The Supported Independent Living Program (SILP) at SSILC operates by pairing consumers with intellectual disabilities from birth with support workers to guide the consumer on independent living skills, so the consumer can live in their own home for as long as possible. Our program is funded by CLSD, Community Living Service Delivery, Government of Saskatchewan.
    For admission to the program, please contact both:
    • CLSD intake at  306.787.3849
    • Alex Mohrbutter, SSILC SILP Manager at 306.526.5088
  • SILP home support workers provide assistance in the following areas:
    • Financial Management – Budgeting
    • Home Management – Cleaning and Organizing
    • Community Resource Awareness
    • Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping
    • Peer Support
    • Leisure Activities

Check out our Facebook page at Silp.ssilc